The CCLaP 100: Volume 1

Join Jason Pettus, executive director of CCLaP, as he takes an informed yet irreverent look at the subject of "literary classics," reading for the first time a hundred such books then penning funny, insightful guides to whether or not they deserve the label. Already a cult hit online, this is the first bound collection of these essays (this first volume collecting up the first 33 in the series), covering authors from the ancient Greeks to postmodernist hipsters and everyone in between; and as released under CCLaP's well-known "pay what you want" system, it even makes the book technically free if so desired. Stop bluffing your way through cocktail parties! Pick up volume one of the CCLaP 100 and see for yourself what truly constitutes a classic in our contemporary times.

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Cover image: "Robert F. Blum reading a book while seated at a desk, 1875." From the Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Department Records, part of the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution. Used under the terms of their Creative Commons license.

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