April 15, 2007

Personal essays: Master list

Every day, I like to post at least a thousand words of original content to the CCLaP website; on the days I don't have a review of a book or movie ready, I thought I would try other material, such as this series of personal essays, looking at a topic in the arts from my life that I think you might find relevant or entertaining too.

Essays now posted, in the order they were published:

Why 'Harmontown' is the Best Podcast in the US You're Not Listening To.

The Year in Books 2012
Lucasfilm, the artistic endgame, and the death of the Gen-X man-child.
Why I Signed 'solo/down' -- an Apologia.
Why I Signed 'Get Up Tim' -- an Apologia.
Here's what no one seems to get about 'Fringe.'

The Year In Books 2011
Is Hipstamatic changing the very way we think about the arts?
The Making of a CCLaP Book: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
CCLaP's wikicloud guide: a mid-project report.

The Year In Books, 2010
CCLaP's "wikicloud" project is back on.
The CCLaP 100: A mid-project report
How do I create CCLaP's ebooks?
Why I Signed "99 Problems" -- An Apologia
Is "Inception" actually a film about filmmaking?
Product review: BookSwim.com

The Year in Books, 2009
Genteel literature and the tricky nature of artistic movements.
Guess what? I'm writing a new novel.
Why I signed "Too Young to Fall Asleep:" An Apologia.
Where do litbloggers find their books?
The CCLaP music library reaches 500 songs.
First thoughts on CCLaP's coming "wikicloud" experiment.
Reining It In: Summaries and synopses.
Announcing CCLaP's new microblog -- the "CCLAPocracy."

The Year in Books, 2008
The Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008: A wrap-up.
Grinding the Gears: The mechanics of language.
How to critique: A not-at-all definitive guide.
Show Not Tell -- a horror story.
Why I signed Repetition Patterns: an Apologia.
The fine art of the book pitch.
Gadzooks! I added 600 new book ratings at Goodreads this weekend!
The Great iPod Indie-Rock Challenge of 2008 -- a mid-year report.
Here's why I'm dropping the "Too Awful To Finish" series.
Creativity is the new leisure.
Regarding the glorious trainwreck which is "Southland Tales."
The Great iPod Indie-Rock Challenge of 2008.
Regarding the "magic middle" of the independent arts.
Like a planet full of people getting back from the drugstore.

The Year in Books, 2007
The Ridiculously Long Guide to CCLaP's 10-Point Scoring System
I for one welcome the upcoming meltdown of the television industry.
Announcing the CCLaP 100
Announcing the CCLaP winter project -- Gilbert & Sullivan
Some early thoughts regarding the CCLaPocracy
Nathaniel Hawthorne, DailyLit, and the Penny Dreadful 2.0.
Where to start when you know no one and nothing.
Oh Lord, CCLaP enters Second Life
The CCLaP Manifesto
The good, the bad, and the ugly of self-publishing.
Ah, if we could all grow up with the kind of library I did.

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