June 21, 2007

Chicago litblogger? The Sun-Times would like to hear from you, please.

Did you know that the National Book Critics Circle is sponsoring a program right now to raise the awareness of literary criticism among the general public? They are. And as part of that program, they recently interviewed Chicago Sun-Times Books editor Cheryl L. Reed at their blog. The interview itself is interesting on its own; it gets into how the Sun-Times deals with such "superfluous" stuff like book reviews in this age of shrinking newspaper readership, and other such issues. What I found most interesting, though, is Reed's admission that she prefers hiring local reviewers over out-of-town freelancers, in that locals understand what stores fellow Sun-Times readers are hanging out at, and what kinds of books are "in" at those stores...

"As I wrote earlier, I'm aggressive about getting local reviewers. Chicago is a big city and there are a lot of writers here. Many don't want to write for the relatively small fee we offer but since we've been making the section better they are coming around asking to do reviews."

Well, Chicago-area litbloggers, you can see what kind of opportunity this is, right? Anyway, just something I wanted to point out, for any local writers who might be able to put this information to good use. And by the way, Reed can be reached at (creed [at] suntimes.com).

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