June 8, 2007

More about the Printers Row Book Fair, and CCLaP's first social event!

So okay, only one more day until the big Printers Row Book Fair here in Chicago, in which almost 200 booksellers will be gathering on Dearborn Street in the South Loop to hawk their wares, as well as almost 100 free literary events taking place too. I already wrote up a little guide to the fair yesterday, for those who want to check it out; since then, both Time Out: Chicago and Lake Claremont Press have published their own mini-guides online, joining Gapers Block, the University of Chicago Press, and NewCity. (And for those who need it, here again is direct PDF download links to the fair's map and schedule.)

Ah, but here's the most important part -- I have indeed decided to throw CCLaP's first social event down at the fair tomorrow as well! Which, yes, I know, this blog's only been open for a week, so I doubt that anyone will actually be showing up; at the very least, though, I'll be having a drink down at a pub in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd just make it an open invitation for any CCLaP readers who will also be down there at the same time. It'll be at Kasey's Tavern, in fact, at 701 South Dearborn in the heart of the fair itself; I'll be there starting at 4pm, and will probably stick around until 6:00 or so, longer if anyone actually joins me.

Anyway, you can drop me a line if you want at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com if you're planning on attending, or leave a comment at the bottom of this entry, or simply show up; there won't be any formal arrangements there, so just keep an eye out for me instead. Hope to see you there, fellow book nerds!

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