June 18, 2007

Obsession of the moment: Cross-Media Entertainment

So by way of a disclosure, let me first admit that Christy Dena, creator of the blog Cross-Media Entertainment, is an acquaintance of mine from my old Second Life days; that said, I hope that won't stop you from going and checking out this excellent publication yourself. A PhD candidate based out of Sydney, Australia, Dena actually studies for a living the various ways the entertainment and arts industries are criss-crossing between mediums and formats these days; among other subjects, she examines in detail at her site such things as Alternative Reality Games (or ARGs), how various television shows' websites either help or hurt the shows themselves, and all kinds of other interesting smartie little topics when it comes to cutting-edge entertainment. Christy always has fascinating things to say at her blog, as well as intriguing new projects to always point out; I encourage you to check it out yourself, if you have a little free time to do so.

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