June 19, 2007

Obsession of the moment: The Millions

I'll admit it -- up to recently, I hadn't been reading very many literary blogs (or litblogs), mostly because I was so busy with small-business blogs, learning everything I needed to know to open CCLaP, as well as tech blogs because of my old day job. Plus, I'm just not a fan of the...hmm, how do I put this? The more flowery literary-criticism writers out there, of which there seems to be many. If you've read through any substantial amount of material here now, you know that I like for critical essays to be insightful yet simply written, with an eye towards convincing readers why they should be as passionate as the writer over a particular book or author, versus caught up in its own language or perhaps making points that you need an advanced academic degree to get.

But now that CCLaP is open, of course, I now am adding litblogs to my reading list on a daily basis; and one that I came across recently that I've already fallen quite in love with is The Millions, which of course many of you litblog lovers already know about. Started in 2003 by freelancer and bookstore employee C. Max Magee, literally because he couldn't stand the idea of starting yet another navelgazing personal blog, over the last four years The Millions has grown to almost ten contributors from around the US and Canada, pumping out multiple very astute entries each day on a whole variety of subjects related to books.

Anyway, it's one of the litblogs out there I recommend specifically for people who like the stuff posted here; and let's face it, all of their stuff is actually much smarter than CCLaP's usual entries, because of them all being freelancers and authors and journalists and stuff who do these things for a full-time living. Definitely check it out soon if you have the chance.

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