June 22, 2007

Obsession of the moment: YesButNoButYes


YesButNoButYes is just one of those pop-culture blogs I read each day, for no other reason than that it's consistently entertaining and makes me laugh a lot; these sites tend to get overlooked during "best-of" times, so I thought it'd be good to randomly point them out today. Basically started two years ago as a way for a group of employees at a private company to keep each other amused, the site has expanded profoundly in readership since then, due largely to regular features like "New Comics Wednesday," absurdist top-ten lists, and "where are they now" articles concerning (for example) obscure '70s porn stars. Kind of like BoingBoing, kind of like this site, but with a style and theme all its own, YesButNoButYes should be a part of a daily diet for anyone who enjoys smart writing on pop-culture subjects.

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