August 1, 2007

Mini-review: "Lucky Wander Boy," by DB Weiss

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Lucky Wander Boy, by DB Weiss
Lucky Wander Boy (book; 2003)
By DB Weiss

Wow, what an amazing "genre unto itself" novel that hardly anyone seems to know about; if you like projects such as "House of Leaves" and "The Raw Shark Texts," you'll find that this novel kicks the ass of them both. Effortlessly blending a snotty slacker tale of too much free time, a jaded media story about the dot-com years, and a trippy sci-fi concept regarding mysterious '80s videogames that no one can track down again, "Lucky Wander Boy" (Weiss' first novel, by the way) is a sleeper treat, one you'll be glad you went out of your way to check out.

Out of 10: 10

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