August 1, 2007

Mini-review: "The Redneck Manifesto," by Jim Goad

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The Redneck Manifesto, by Jim Goad
The Redneck Manifesto (book; 1997)
By Jim Goad

Not for the faint of heart, Jim Goad's The Redneck Manifesto has a fairly simple message at its core -- that most of what we attribute to "race struggles" in America are in fact class struggles, with the rich pitting the poor of different colors to inherently fight in order not to violently overthrow the class-based status quo instead. Now, he expresses this opinion violently here, crudely at times, in ways that have profoundly offended lots of different groups over the years; this book isn't for everyone, to be sure. I think, though, that it's definitely worth checking out, something not quite a classic but a big step up from his old ANSWER Me! zine days.

Out of 10: 8.2

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