October 22, 2007

CCLaP Podcast 14: Author Elizabeth Crane

Elizabeth Crane

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It's Monday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today, a half-hour talk with Chicago writer Elizabeth Crane, author of the popular story collections When the Messenger is Hot and All This Heavenly Glory; our conversation was a freewheeling one that touched on a lot of subjects, including Crane's unique writing style, the slippery line between autobiography and fiction, and why she means nothing specifically political when talking about creepy men. Also featuring the music of Creative Commons recording artists Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Datarock. Don't forget, if you download the MP4 version and listen to it through iTunes, an iPod or an iPhone, chapters and images will be available too!

Links to the people and projects mentioned in today's episode:
Elizabeth Crane | Crane's blog
The Litblog Co-op's discussion of Crane's work
Steppenwolf's adaptation of "When the Messenger is Hot"
Punk Planet
Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Read more about When the Messenger is Hot: Amazon | GoodReads | LibraryThing | Shelfari

Read more about All This Heavenly Glory: Amazon | GoodReads | LibraryThing | Shelfari

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Download the MP4 (42 minutes; 20.9 mgs)

Download the MP4 (42 minutes; 20.9 mgs)

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