October 4, 2007

Obsession of the moment: Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

Okay, ready for today's terrible confession of the day? I don't really listen to National Public Radio (or NPR). Heretic! Unclean! But last night, however, I happened to be at a very crowded Sheffield's Pub, recording next week's episode of the CCLaP Podcast (a field report from the latest edition of the drunken fun literary event Reading Under the Influence); and the woman there who very kindly offered to let me share the table she and her friend were sitting at was none other than a staff member of NPR hit Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

I ended up checking out the show online this morning, and was impressed with what I saw; turns out that WWDTM is a really funny and lively game show, based on answering intermediate-difficulty questions on current news items within satirical and sometimes absurdist contexts. It's partly a call-in show, but then partly has a rotating panel of "experts" in-studio as well; I was pleased as punch, for example, to see that one of my literary heroes, grumpy provocateur PJ O'Rourke, is one of the recurring guests.

And hey, if you're not in a section of the world that gets NPR over the air, you can always listen to it via their online podcast; and even better, Chicagoans can actually attend the show recordings live if they want, in that all episodes are done in front of an audience at the Chase Auditorium in the Loop. Plus their staff members are incredibly polite during crowded hipster literary events! What's not to like!? Anyway, I recommend stopping by and checking out the show if you never have before; although yeah, I'm probably the last intellectual in America to actually know about it, right?

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