December 5, 2007

Obsession of the moment: Monitor Mix

Carrie Brownstein's Monitor Mix

Oh, Carrie Brownstein, is there anything you can't do? A member of infamous '90s riot-grrrl band Sleater-Kinney, an actor in such movies as Miranda July's Getting Stronger Everyday, half of the sketch-comedy duo "ThunderAnt" with former SNL staffer Fred Armisen, currently an ad-industry creative at Portland's Wieden + Kennedy, it seems sometimes that the multi-talented Brownstein can not only take on any creative pursuit that she wants, but remain delightfully fun and good-natured through it all too.

And now she's writing a blog for National Public Radio's website! Of course she is! Entitled Monitor Mix, it's a look at all the current media issues of the day, written in a "blog style" (first person, casual, opinionated), with the kind of wit and intelligence you would of course expect of Brownstein, which is why she's always asked to do cool stuff like this and not your sorry blogging ass. Recent subjects have included the Writers Guild of America strike, the videogame "Guitar Hero," and why she feels sometimes like the only hipster on the planet who's not all crazy gaga for Radiohead. I heart you, Carrie Brownstein! I heart you, I heart you!

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