February 18, 2008

Another "Literary Death Match" coming to San Francisco soon

Opium magazine

I heard this weekend from my friend Todd Zuniga, editor-in-chief of literary magazine and CCLaP favorite Opium. (Disclosure: several of my own pieces have been published in Opium in the past, back when I was a creative writer myself.) Anyway, thought I'd forward along the information he was writing about, which is that the magazine is about to host another one of their famed Literary Death Matches, this time in San Francisco on February 20th, or just two days from when I'm publishing this entry. For those who don't know, Opium's LTDs are their highly popular attempt to shake things up at traditional book readings; much like a poetry slam, death matches are centered around a series of fake word-based competitions, done merely for bragging rights, but unlike a slam the competitors at death matches are made up of representatives of other literary organizations in the area, instead of a bar full of your psychotic exes. (This month's competitors, for example, include Other's Suzanne Kleid, Fourteen Hills' Marianna Cherry, Cherry Bleeds' Tony Dushane and Parthenon West Review's Barbara Jane Bermeo, while the judges are made up of Stanford Social Innovation Review's Alana Connor, Ted Weinstein Literary Management's Ted Weinstein and Double Fine's Scott Cambell. Whew!)

Anyway, like I said, the event is taking place in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 20th, 7pm, at the Rickshaw Stop at 155 Fell Street; you can of course go by the Literary Death Match website for a lot more. Hey, Todd, when are you throwing a death match in Chicago? Anxious midwestern hipsters want to know!

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