February 19, 2008

CCLaP Podcast 20: 37signals' Jason Fried

37signals' Jason Fried

Hey, guess what -- it's time for the 2008 return of the CCLaP Podcast! Oh, and I've got a great interview to present to you today; it's with Jason Fried, not only one of the founders of Chicago software company 37signals (one of the most successful internet startups in the entire American Midwest), but also an unconventional business wonk and deep thinker, who has a lot of interesting and unusual things to say about entrepreneurialism and creative endeavors. A lot of his advice concerning startups I think is not only useful for traditional business types but also small artistic groups (people starting up new galleries and literary magazines, for example); that's why I was so excited about having him on the podcast, and why I hope that you'll get a chance to listen to the entire thing too. Don't forget, by the way, that if you download the MP4 linked to below and listen to it using iTunes, an iPod or an iPhone, chapters and images and live weblinks will be at your disposal as well!

(By the way, sorry if the streaming version above isn't working when you're visiting; Vudyo, the service I use, has been especially crappy in the last couple of weeks. Can anyone please recommend a stable, free service like YouTube but for user-uploaded streaming audio? Why is it so hard to find a service like this for audio but so easy for video? UPDATE: I successfully moved over to iMeem this weekend. Thanks for the tip, Ben Tanzer!)

Links to the people and projects mentioned in this episode:
Signal vs. Noise
Ruby on Rails
Getting Real
Job/Gig Board
The Deck
Coudal Partners
Layer Tennis
Jimmys Pit

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Download the MP4 (Length: 40 min; size: 18.6 mb)

Download the MP4 (Length: 40 min; size: 18.6 mb)

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