February 25, 2008

New basement distro is looking for your used classics

sticks and stones distribution

I heard last week from my pal Michael Franklin, a writer and visual artist down in St. Charles, Missouri where I grew up; he's just started up a new project down there, in fact, and could use your help in building up a first collection of product to get out...

Michael's started up a new non-profit basement distribution company called sticks and stones, specifically because of what he says is a dearth of leftist reading material in the Midwestern confines where he is. (He talks at the company's blog, in fact, about previously residing in Portland, Oregon for a number of years, and how the St. Louis area seems to be missing a great Powell's style bookstore.) sticks and stones will be occasionally distributing new books from basement presses and self-publishers, like a lot of other distros; their main focus, however, is simply in building up a collection of great classic literature in the form of used books, which Michael will be ingeniously shipping from event to event in the Midwest in upcoming years via traveling bookshelves and more.

Anyway, he's looking for any great books that Midwesterners would like to donate to the cause; to give you a sense of what he's talking about, he mentioned such writers as Kerouac, Vonnegut and Corso, a couple of titles by whom I just know you have sitting on a back shelf in your home somewhere, gathering dust. For all the details, you can of course stop by the sticks and stones website.

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