February 12, 2008

Toronto Public Library hosting "Michael Redhill month" online

Consolation, by Michael Redhill

Regular readers will remember that last year I reviewed a rather great little novel here called Consolation, by Michael Redhill; it was a nominee for last year's Booker Prize, one of the five nominees I got a chance myself to read, the one I liked the best out of the five I read, and the only one of those five to be set in Canada (Toronto to be specific). Well, just the other day I got an email from a woman named Dawn, a librarian in Toronto and the organizer of that city's online book-discussion club, known as Book Buzz; turns out that their feature all this month is Redhill and Consolation, something she wanted to let me know about after coming across my review. Yes, I know, there are a lot of clubs around North America that have taken on the book by now; but this is from the library system of the city where the novel is based, a book let's not forget that won a special literary prize from the city of Toronto itself last year. Plus the Book Buzz site itself has all kinds of interesting supplemental information as well, including historical documents and photos, interviews with Redhill and more. (In fact, Redhill will be coming by the site regularly this month himself, to help answer questions in the discussion forums found there.)

Anyway, just wanted to mention it to all of you, for those who would like to join in; it really is a well-done contemporary novel, a book I really did enjoy quite a lot, and something that helps make the city of Toronto really come alive to those who have never been there. I encourage you to stop by the Book Buzz website if you get the chance.

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