March 26, 2008

Scott Sigler's first traditional book comes out in a few days

Infected, by Scott Sigler

I heard this week from an old acquaintance of mine, author Scott Sigler, who I interviewed back in 2006 for an old blog I used to do concerning the videogame Second Life. For those who don't know, Sigler has had an interesting and unique career now as a novelist, with success first coming his way through the decidedly new genre of audiobook podcasting -- he remains to this day, in fact, the most popular and successful audio novelist in history, holding the top spot at one time or another at every podcast aggregation service in existence (including iTunes). He then backs these things up, then, with just about any kind of interesting promotional event he can do, anything that in one way or another helps him build an even more direct relationship with his audience; the reason I interviewed him, for example, was that some fans of his had actually built these giant detailed 3D walkthrough "sets" in Second Life of some of the locations from his then-current serialized audiobook, which he was now using for virtual fan conventions, roleplaying events and the like.

Anyway, he's finally managed to get a publishing company to put out a traditional straight-ahead paper novel of his, a big dream of his for awhile now; and it comes out in just a few days, in fact, so thought I'd mention it here and let people know about it. It's called Infected, to be precise, and is a technothriller along the lines of Michael Crichton; I'm not sure of the details, but in general concerns a mysterious virus that turns people into homicidal maniacs, and the race to discover what the virus is and how it can be eradicated. Oh yeah, and the movie rights have already been sold to Rogue Pictures, the people who brought you the cult hit Shaun of the Dead.

Anyway, you can go by the official Infected website to learn a lot more; starting tomorrow (Thursday), you'll also be able to download a completely free PDF version of the book there as well, if you want. Oh, and there are games and videos and a blog and all kinds of other cool stuff there too, so I encourage you to stop by if you get a chance. Congrats on the new book, Scott, and here's hoping that it ends up doing well.

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