March 17, 2008

Yet more interestingness: 17 March 2008

Below are simple links to other interesting stuff I've come across on the web in the last day or two; they may or may not concern literature or photography, or indeed the arts at all. You can click here to learn more about how I compile this list and what software I use, if you're interested.

Images: This year's SXSWi summed up as cool little hipster comics
Penned by Mike Rohde, and done on Moleskine notebook pages too, just to be extra hip. Definitely worth checking out.

Restored silent film reveals first-ever robot fight in movie history
Kino's got a new DVD coming out of magician Harry Houdini's old silent films; among other revelations, it features the first-ever onscreen fight with a robot in film history. (Via

YouTube introduces higher-quality videos (if you want them)
Here, official instructions from YouTube on how to access them; in a nutshell, go to your "Account" settings and choose "higher quality." Ta-dah.

Perhaps half a million conservatives have voted for Hillary in Dem primaries
According to exit polls, now that McCain has sewn up the GOP nomination, conservatives in the hundreds of thousands are now voting for Hillary in Democratic primaries, so to keep her in the race and keep liberals divided as long as possible. Yikes.

New report shows "long tail" of blogging not so cut-and-dried
New report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that blogs, citizen journalism is not having the kind of impact we think: that most people are still getting most of their news from traditional sources, or blogs run by people at these traditional sources.

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