May 4, 2008

CCLaP consolidates some of its master lists

Just a small programming note -- wanted to let people know that this weekend I moved the main lists of mini-reviews to their respective book and movie review pages, and have now enfolded them into the larger lists of long reviews. (Mini-reviews now have an 'M' next to them in the main lists.) For those who enjoy statistics, by the way, in the eleven months CCLaP has now been open, I've written and published just a little under 200 reviews here at the site, broken down into the following categories:

Book reviews (long): 60
Book reviews (short): 45
Movie reviews (long): 39
Movie reviews (short): 37
The CCLaP 100: 16

When you add the 17 personal essays I've also written, then, it adds up to just around 160,000 words of original content published at the CCLaP website in the last year, or in other words around the same amount as one of Stephen King's larger books. Man, that's a lot of snotty opinionated jokes! Anyway, hope this recent consolidation will make it easier to find the back review you're looking for, and as always I appreciate you coming by for the latest.

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