June 20, 2008

Wanna see CCLaP review a specific book? Check out our new wish list!

My Amazon wishlist

As you can well imagine, my general list of books to read at any given moment can sometimes reach ridiculous proportions; today as I write this, for example, the grand total is 132 titles, and that's not even counting the pile of "classics" books I'm going through this year as well. And as many of you already realize, since I don't write for a major publication, most presses are reluctant to give me free review copies of their titles; and since I'm mostly broke these days as well, I can't afford to really buy any of the books that are reviewed here either, relying instead mostly on Chicago's excellent and pervasive public library system (one of the largest systems in the entire country, in fact). And while this certainly provides enough books to keep me insanely busy 365 days a year, it also produces a bias towards what I do end up reading and reviewing, with there being a real dearth here sometimes of both basement-press books and extremely popular titles.

After receiving multiple suggestions concerning the subject, then, I've decided to finally start up a "wish list" at Amazon.com, listing every single book that just happens to be on my "to read" list at any given moment. If you see, then, a book on that list you'd particularly enjoy seeing me review, or have some extra money and would like to help out some random basement presses with non-existent marketing budgets, you can simply go over there and purchase titles on that list as a "gift" for me; Amazon takes care of all the rest, including shipping it to my place, meaning that I don't have to give out my home address and you don't have to worry about taping up some bulky box and going down to the post office. And since a huge amount of the books on my list can be found there in used form for just three or four dollars (and that's just one or two pounds or euros, mind you, for all you Continental types), that means you don't need very much money at all to help out; in fact, a particularly generous person could provide eight or ten review copies of various books for a mere twenty bucks if they wanted, twice as many if you live in Europe.

Anyway, I hope this helps satisfy all those people who have written in the last year, asking if I might list CCLaP's upcoming books-under-review somewhere so that they can plan ahead in their own reading schedules; and I also hope that some of you will be able to take advantage of the gifting option there, and especially if you just happen to have a few extra bucks and would like to help out a tiny press, one who otherwise would not be able to afford to send me a review copy. Here's the link again, for those who need it; and it will of course also now run in the sidebar of the site as well, over there on the left under "FYI."

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