August 8, 2008

Ben Tanzer's new book is out! All right!

I keep forgetting to mention this, so thought I'd finally do so today...

Regular readers will of course remember Chicago author and CCLaP friend Ben Tanzer; he's been featured at the podcast before, his first novel was reviewed here*, and in fact another one of his manuscripts is currently on the shortlist for CCLaP's own publishing program, which unfortunately got postponed earlier this year due to a computer crash, but I'm hoping to start up again just as soon as I can replace the software that was lost. In the meanwhile, Tanzer's second novel has just recently come out, a pop-culture-laced relationship story called Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine; and what's more, it was even put out by another CCLaP friend, Jason Behrends of the music and arts zine What To Wear During An Orange Alert. Turns out that Behrends has gotten interested in the publishing game himself, recently starting up a new spinoff project called Orange Alert Press; Tanzer's novel is the first publication to come out under the new imprint.

Anyway, the two of them are doing some very clever promotional things these days; for example, those of you with Flash Player on your device should be seeing their video commercial embedded above. The book has its own blog, over at; I encourage you to stop by there for the latest. And congrats once again to both Ben and Jason; it's always encouraging to see people you like do well, and especially encouraging when that adds to the total wealth of artistic material produced here in Chicago.

*And just to make it clear, my review of Tanzer's first novel was done before he and I became personal friends; that's why I won't be reviewing his latest here, for example, since we are personal friends now and it would constitute a conflict of interest. But don't interpret that as my non-interest in the book; I've already read it and like it quite a bit, in fact, and encourage all of you to go check it out yourselves.

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