August 12, 2008

Thanks for the free book, LibraryThing!

Lala Pipo, by Hideo Okuda

Well, so what do you know? After months and months of applying, I finally hit the lottery over in the early reviewer section of literary social network And since I just penned here a few days ago a favorable essay about one of their competitors,, even while trying to officially stay neutral when it comes to the three most popular literary networks out there (not only those two but, I thought I would make a special mention of this as well; that LibraryThing is the only of the three to set up partnerships with commercial publishing companies on a regular basis, and get thousands of free copies of books shipped and in the hands of their members every single month. And it's not just the remainder-bin crap we usually think of when it comes to such programs, either; their "early reviewer" program includes future bestsellers, obscure literary work, popular genre novels, even reprints of classics.

Anyway, so the book I finally ended up getting on the distribution list for is seen above, the provocatively-designed* Lala Pipo by Hideo Okuda, which according to the back cover is a black tragicomedy concerning six of the crazies making up the lower rung of Tokyo's sex industry, by an edgy contemporary of Haruki Murakami who is already a famous, popular, award-winning author in his native Japan. I'm intrigued! Anyway, as always, I'll be adding the book to the bottom of the patented CCLaP Great Wall Of Books Still To Be Read™, to hopefully be reviewed somewhere around the end of September. I hope you'll get a chance to stick around and see what I eventually thought.

*Designed by Chip Kidd. Of course. And speaking of which, I'll be reviewing Kidd's latest novel here as well, The Learners, in just two weeks from now.

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