September 16, 2008

Obsession of the moment: Goatsilk's "Daily Treasures"

Many thanks to author Michael FitzGerald for bringing this to my attention...

Out in the middle of Montana, there's an interesting arts collective known as Goatsilk; formed in 2002 by Ben Bloch and Caroline Peters, the group is dedicated to producing a series of fascinating multimedia conceptual projects, half-funny half-serious things that explore "the aesthetics of immateriality" among other topics, according to the group's mission statement. One of their latest projects, in fact, was this summer's Daily Treasures, a concept so simple as to be genius; basically, every day for a month they went out into the rural wilds of Montana, found weird random things that usually have no value, then auctioned them off at eBay, creating fake funny little video histories of each object as a way of arbitrarily increasing their value. (Those of you with Flash Player on your device, for example, should be seeing one of the videos above, in that case highlighting a door handle from a rusted old Model T they came across one day.)

The project is officially over by now, but the well-done and thought-provoking videos still remain; I encourage you to go check them out, if you have some free time and are looking for a fun way to kill an afternoon.

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