October 27, 2008

CCLaP Podcast Extra: Ben Tanzer's "Life As He Had Known It"

Happy Baby

Hey, it's a special edition of the CCLaP Podcast! It's a special spoken-word edition, in fact, presenting a professionally performed version of the story "Life As He Had Known It" by Ben Tanzer, from his new book Repetition Patterns, which just happens to be CCLaP's first-ever original book as well, released the same day this audio recording has been released. Performed by Jason Pettus, executive director of CCLaP. Music: "Gmin Piano Improv (Friday)," by The3amAssociation. Remixed by Alex Beroza. Found at CCMixter.org, a music website run by Creative Commons specifically to showcase CC-friendly bands. Length: 17 minutes.

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Download the MP4 (8.1 megs)

Download the MP4 (8.1 megs)

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