October 27, 2008

Curious about what's coming next from CCLaP Publishing?

The CCLaP 100: A new look at a hundred classic books

Since I'm spending the day here celebrating the release of CCLaP's first-ever original book, a story cycle called Repetition Patterns by Ben Tanzer, I thought I'd go ahead and mention the second book that's coming soon from CCLaP Publishing as well, specifically because a bunch of you have now inquired when such a thing is finally coming. And that's because CCLaP's second book is going to be none other than a bound collection of the infamous "CCLaP 100" book-essay series, in which all this year I've been reading a hundred so-called "classic" books for the very first time, and then writing funny little essays about whether or not I think they deserve the label. Surprisingly enough, the CCLaP 100 has easily turned out to be the absolutely most popular thing out of all the essay series CCLaP regularly publishes; and for the last year now, I've been fielding dozens of emails from excited readers asking, "When are you going to finally publish these as a book, so I can sit around in a big comfortable chair in front of a fire one winter afternoon and read all these essays at once as they were meant to be read?"

The new overview pages in the CCLaP 100 book

Well, rejoice, CCLaP 100 fans; the first third of these essays is finally coming out in book form this Christmas, for all your toasty curl-up-to-the-fire lit-nerd pleasure! And as a matter of fact, I've decided to do something interesting and new with the book version of these essays, which is to list them in chronological order of the titles themselves; regular readers, of course, know that the original publishing order of these essays relied more on the random motivation of "whatever hell book I particularly felt like reading that week." And not only that, but I've divided all the titles into eight historical sections (Pre-Victorianism; Early Victorianism; Late Victorianism; "The Transition;" Early Modernism; Mid Modernism; Late Modernism; and Postmodernism); and not only that, but wrote up a new "overview" introduction to each section, explaining in very quick terms why that particular section of history is important to the development of the novel, and which books are still to come in the CCLaP 100 from that section of history. And this of course is part of the overall marketing mission of CCLaP Publishing that I've talked about before; to provide as much context online for these books as possible, as much information to help devoted readers understand these books as much as possible, which I believe will do nothing but ultimately lead to these books' greater and greater popularity.

Anyway, like I said, you can expect Book 1 of the CCLaP 100 to be available right around this Christmas, again released under a "pay what you want" system that includes an entirely valid option for an entirely free copy. And then volume 2 of this series will appear around Christmas 2009; and then volume 3 during Christmas 2010, and then at that point it will be time to start thinking about putting out a massive 500-page paper edition of the entire thing, although is a long way off which is why I'm not going to think about it in detail now. I hope you look forward to this book-number-two of CCLaP's new publishing program; and as mentioned many times in the past, if you'd like your own manuscript to be book number three, feel free to check out CCLaP's submission policies in greater detail.

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