October 27, 2008

It's Ben Tanzer Day at CCLaP!

Repetition Patterns, by Ben Tanzer

Well, what do you know, the day is finally here -- it's the official release day of CCLaP's first-ever original book, a story cycle called Repetition Patterns by a local author named Ben Tanzer. And that's why I've decided to make it Ben Tanzer Day here at the CCLaP website, with a whopping half-dozen new entries coming today devoted all to the book -- from a brand-new interview with Ben about the manuscript's origins, to an "Apologia" (or deliberately all-positive critical essay) from me as the publisher, to a greater examination of the book's Creative Commons license, and a lot more. You should be seeing all of those supplemental blog entries below this main announcement, whether on the front page, in the archives, or within the RSS feed.

Don't forget, Patterns' main online headquarters can be found at cclapcenter.com/patterns; it's there where you can always find links to today's supplemental entries in the future, plus start the purchasing/downloading process. (For those who don't know, all of CCLaP's books are released under a "pay what you want" system, similar to how Radiohead released their last album; and if you choose to pay "nothing," that's perfectly fine, and you too will get the full standalone version just like everyone else.) My many thanks to Ben for being a part of this whole process, and especially to the half-dozen members of the "CCLaP Army" who gave this manuscript a final volunteer proofreading this weekend, and collectively caught a good 35 additional errors that Ben and I originally missed. I hope you'll get a chance to purchase and/or download a copy of the book yourself soon, and of course I hope you'll end up enjoying the experience as much as I enjoyed working on it.

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