October 2, 2008

Obesssion of the moment: Douglas Rushkoff at Boing Boing

Douglas Rushkoff

It's no secret that I'm a huge obsessive fan of pop-culture journal Boing Boing; after all, I did get to interview BB editor Cory Freaking Doctorow earlier this year, as part of the CCLaP Podcast, both a professional highlight and personal thrill for me. And like any self-respecting nerd and amateur futurist, I'm also an obsessive fan of full-time nerd and professional futurist Douglas Rushkoff; and really, how can you not be? Princeton graduate; American Film Institute fellow; current professor at NYU; founding member of the cyberpunk movement; old online pals with Timothy Leary; United Nations advisor; author of ten best-selling nonfiction books, plus two novels, plus a graphic-novel series for Vertigo; occasional PBS "Frontline" host; published and featured on CBS, NPR, the NYT and the Guardian (UK), among others; and as you can see above, looks damn fine in a tailored suit too. Oh, plus he's a trained stage fighter! Cheese And Rice!

So ask me how deliriously happy I've been this week, then, to see all these heroes of mine come pleasurably clashing together; Rushkoff has in fact been a guest-blogger at Boing Boing this week, and has been doing such a great job that I almost wish the staff there would bring him on as a permanent fifth editor (and that he'd actually have the extra time to accept such a position). Among other highlights so far, he's pointed out a freaky new experimental film coming out soon from the members of '80s industrial band Skinny Puppy; shared his own brilliant analysis of what exactly is going on with the current financial meltdown; told us about a funny but very real fundraising campaign to send smart young liberal Jews down to visit their retired parents in Florida for a weekend, and convince them to vote for Obama; and ooh, just so much other goodness too, you should just go over there one afternoon and look through it all.

It's so easy online, I think, to bitch and moan and gripe about the stuff we don't like (and I'm as guilty as everyone else), but so easy to overlook giving praise to the cool stuff that simply works great and that we simply like. So on behalf of tens of millions of other BB regulars, let me just say how great it's been to have Rushkoff as a guest-blogger there recently, how interesting and fascinating it's been, and to thank the BB staff for inviting him to guest-blog in the first place. You should do things like this more often, I'm tellin' ya!

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