October 27, 2008

Oh, and could any Sony Reader downloaders please send some photos?

As long as I'm on the subject today, there's a small favor I wanted to ask all you readers in regards to CCLaP's first book, Ben Tanzer's Repetition Patterns, which officially came out today: that if any of you end up downloading and installing the Sony Reader version, maybe you'll take some photos of how it looks and send them to cclapcenter [at] gmail.com? Neither Ben nor I are owners of a Reader (although I'm a big fan of the wickedly expensive things), so haven't gotten to actually see the Sony-enhanced version in action. (And by "Sony-enhanced," I mean that the special Reader version of Patterns was laid out in the same 4-by-3 ratio of a Reader screen, and with the typefaces and margins specially optimized for the Reader screen as well.)

And along those lines, why hasn't Patterns been released for the Amazon Kindle, you might be asking? Well, that's because Amazon doesn't allow publishers to simply release a standalone "Kindle version" of their books; the only way a Kindle eBook can even exist is if it's officially sold through Amazon at the Amazon website, with publishers simply given no other choice in the matter. And I choose not to sell CCLaP's eBooks through Amazon, because of what I believe are some very ugly and publisher-unfriendly policies they have regarding it all -- how publishers aren't allowed to offer a free version, for example, how Amazon adds damaging DRM malware to all Kindle titles, how Amazon keeps an overwhelming 50 percent of the cover price for the "privilege" of your title being available there. As a small publisher, these terms are simply unacceptable to me, and frankly verge on extortionist; and that's why I do not offer a Kindle version of Repetition Patterns, despite very much wanting to.

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