October 20, 2008

One week until "Repetition Patterns!" Er, wanna be a proofreader?

Repetition Patterns, by Ben Tanzer

As always, I apologize for the profoundly lighter amount of posting that's been taking place here at CCLaP over the last month (for new readers who don't know, I usually post a thousand-word critical essay here four times a week or so, usually book reviews); as I've mentioned, various different small issues from my day life have conspired against me recently, including the fact that CCLaP's publishing wing is finally about to get up and running, after nearly a year now of me talking about how it's coming right around the bend. As a matter of fact, in exactly one week from now, CCLaP's first original book will be out and available to the public -- a "story cycle" called Repetition Patterns, by a local author named Ben Tanzer who I've been a fan of for awhile now. (That's the newest cover design you're seeing above, inspired by several reader comments regarding the last one along the lines of, "...Um, can't you do something a little cooler than that?" Yes. Yes I can. I can rip off Chuck Klosterman.)

You know what that means, though, that we as a basement press have run into one of the biggest problems basement presses have, a shortage of people who can help proofread that manuscript with a fine-tooth comb before it actually comes out. Any of you nerds feel down with the cause, and would like to help out a little with making Ben's coming book as good as it can possibly be? Just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com and let me know, and let me know what kind of format would work best for you (PDF, Word file, .txt file, etc). By the way, this is also an excellent opportunity to request an advanced reading copy of the book as well, if you plan on reviewing it at your blog; just use the same address listed above. (And yes, all you Goodreads.com members, we'll be setting up an official page for it over there too.)

And finally, although the details haven't come together yet, I wanted to mention that CCLaP will be sending Ben on a "virtual tour" in support of this all-digital book, like the Web 2.0ey little snots we are around here; essentially, it'll be Ben "stopping by" a different artistic or personal blog every day for two weeks or so, sometimes doing interviews and sometimes posting guest entries, sometimes donating a book excerpt and sometimes doing a prerecorded audio file. The dates haven't been picked yet, but if you have a blog and would like to be a part of such a winter tour, please again drop me a line at the address seen above.

Here's hoping that you'll get a chance to come by next week when the book is officially out and available to buy/download (it'll be "pay what you want," just like that Radiohead album); and here's hoping that you'll like it as much as I've enjoyed working on it. I'm excited about the book coming out; I feel like it's going to show a lot of people a quiet yet powerful side of Ben's writing they haven't seen before.

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