November 24, 2008

Announcing CCLaP's newest book: "Yet More Interestingness: The 2008 Election."

Yet More Interestingness: The 2008 Election

I'm happy to announce today the start of the next phase of CCLaP Publishing; it's the beginning of CCLaP's new "White Paper" series, to be specific, minor publications that simply collect and reprint material that originally ran here at the website in the past. There's a growing amount of content building up here at the site, in fact, that I think would make for interesting standalone PDFs, little electronic books that one can print out for either posterity's sake or as a way to better read the serially-published material found in them; coming in December, for example, will be a reprint of all four essays here making up the "Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008," while in January will be a collection of all the mini-essays I plan on writing during Christmas week, concerning CCLaP's Year in Books 2008.

Interior page from Yet More Interestingness: The 2008 Election

Today, though, the white paper being offered is a compilation of nearly 400 bookmarks to interesting things on the web, all of them concerning in one way or another the 2008 US Presidential election, all of which originally ran here at the site in real time under the center's daily "Yet more interestingness" entries; there were just so many of them by the time the election was over, telling such an interesting story when you sat down and read them in order, that I thought it would be cool to compile them all into a standalone book, one that readers can simply stick in a back corner of their hard drive and forget about, then dig out in another eight years when Obama is leaving office and want to remember all the craziness that led to him getting elected in the first place. This is why I call such publications "white papers," after all; they are not major new books by any means, not even books I feel are worth trying to charge money for, but simply more convenient reprints of material regular visitors have already read here in the past.

As such, then, all CCLaP white papers are offered to the public completely for free, with not even a "pay what you want" system to have to go through; simply go by the book's online headquarters to directly download a PDF copy for yourself, optimized for either American laserprinters (8.5 x 11) or European (A4). Of course, I've also included a link there to CCLaP's Paypal account, for any of you who particularly enjoyed this and would like to donate a little money; don't forget, any volunteer payments you send do nothing but help the center's overall mission, and helps make it possible to get more and more full-length books by other authors out on a regular basis.

Anyway, I hope the small audience this is designed for will enjoy this compilation; and like I said, definitely keep your eye out for future white papers from CCLaP, hopefully coming to the site once every month or two.

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