December 16, 2008

Announcing CCLaP's newest book: "The Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008."

The Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008: A CCLaP White Paper

Well, a month has passed since the first one came out, so I thought it was time to release yet another so-called "CCLaP White Paper," a series of minor publications that simply reprint larger material originally published here at the website. This month, it's a collection of the four essays that originally comprised the "Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008," wherein I dared my lazy middle-aged self to finally get rid of all the sad old '80s and '90s rock on my little 1-gig iPod Shuffle, and replace it with brand-new music by brand-new bands as quickly as possible. That was a challenge I followed and reported on literally for twelve months, penning nearly 10,000 words in the process, and in the meanwhile learning all kinds of surprising things about the process that I wasn't expecting -- that it was easier than I thought it was going to be, yielded greater rewards, felt more like play than work most of the time, and even mimicked more of an actual working radio station than simply a listening device full of CDs -- and thought it would be interesting to package up all the essays into an easy-to-read collection, one you can easily send to your office's laserprinter while the boss isn't looking, or even better just read on your computer screen or eInk device.

The Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008: A CCLaP White Paper

As with all of CCLaP's white papers, since this is merely a minor reprint of material that already exists at the website, I don't bother with even the "pay what you want" pretense of the center's usual full-length original books; instead this book is offered simply for free, with the download links located right at the book's main online headquarters (, and with a simple donate button there as well for those who would like to slip me a few bucks for putting this together. Instead of being a moneymaker, then, it's more designed to show off the kinds of interesting standalone e-publishing things that bloggers can do with extended series of original material they might have, cool little projects that can be executed even by people with such simple software as Microsoft Word and online photo editors. For my fellow middle-agers who were energized by these reports, and who were hopefully motivated to jump back into the underground arts themselves because of them, I hope this unified collection helps keep you motivated towards getting out to more galleries, poetry readings and film festivals in your own city, and that you'll find this a convenient document for emailing to fellow creative middle-aged friends.

Coming in January, then, will be CCLaP's next white paper, a reprint of the multipart "Year in Books 2008" report coming the last week of this month; and it'll also see the release of the center's next full-length original book, a bound collection of the first third of the special "CCLaP 100" essays I've been doing here for a year now, in which I read a hundred so-called classics for the first time and write funny reports on whether or not they deserve the label. As always, I hope the small audience these free eBooks are designed for enjoy them, and I of course encourage you to drop a line if you feel like it as well (cclapcenter [at]

Oh, and don't forget, you can always go by for the entire catalog of CCLaP's books; there are three of them as of today, for example, including Ben Tanzer's Repetition Patterns which is growing in reputation every day, and for which a winter "virtual tour" will be starting in just about a month from now.

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