December 9, 2008

Audrey Niffenegger will be chatting next week online with the Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library's BookBuzz

I heard recently from our old friend Dawn Connolly; she's one of the employees of the great Toronto Public Library up in Canada, for those who don't remember, who not only do a "One Book One City" program very similar to the one Chicago also does, but also maintains an Oprah-style bookclub for locals through the library system too, called BookBuzz. Anyway, Dawn was writing to let me know about a live online event they'll be doing next week through BookBuzz, that she thought CCLaP readers might not only be interested in but that has a strong Chicago connection; it's a live chat they'll be doing with none other than local author Audrey Niffenegger, author of the insanely popular The Time Traveler's Wife. It'll be this coming Monday, December 15th, at 7pm Toronto time (or 6pm in Chicago, 4pm in Los Angeles, and midnight in London), over at the main BookBuzz website. The group does all kinds of things throughout the year, of benefit to both locals and any book-lover online, so I highly encourage you to stop by their web presence if you have the chance.

Many thanks to Dawn for letting all of us know about this; and don't forget, you can let CCLaP know about your own upcoming event if you want by dropping me a line (cclapcenter [at]

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