January 2, 2009

CCLaP's newest eBook, "The Year In Books 2008," is here

CCLaP Year In Books 2008

CCLaP Year In Books 2008

All this week I've been publishing here the four-part CCLaP Year In Books 2008 reports, with the promise that at the end of the week I'd release it all as a free standalone electronic book as well, for those who prefer to read longer online material that way. And it's Friday, so here it is! It is in fact the third so-called "white paper" from CCLaP Publishing, the basement-press wing of the arts center, in this case mere bundled reprints of longer material originally published here at the website, in this particular case the four-part look at 2008's 38 best reviewed books that have been running here all week. It comes in three versions -- PDFs for both American and European laserprinters, and also a PDB now for both Palm devices and Apple iPhones, yeehaw all you creative class dorks. (In both cases, the free eReader is required; and if you do end up loading it on your iPhone, won't you take some photos of the experience and send them along to me at [cclapcenter (at) gmail.com]? I'd love to see and share them.)

The whole thing can be found for free at the book's online headquarters, found at cclapcenter.com/yearinbooks08. And since it's the end of the year and all, I thought it'd be okay to take at least one moment in 2008 and mention, that if you've been waiting and waiting all year to finally make a little contribution to CCLaP for all the hopefully fun things you've been reading here the last twelve months, now would be a great time to do so. Just to remind you, this arts center is what I'm trying to do for a living, so that I don't have to go run off and toil at some soulless corporate job, and only have enough energy left to do only a fraction of the things here I currently do; your voluntary payment for CCLaP's electronic books profoundly help make that happen, as well as help fund future bigger projects. According to Google Analytics, there are roughly 15,000 of you who come by on any given month, three or four thousand who read any given review here; if all of you donated even a dime for every book review I publish at CCLaP, that'd be more than enough for the center to pay all my daily bills here in Chicago, as well as publish our first paper book, and host the center's first live-audience interview (with someone big and cool, but a secret until I can put the resources together to actually produce the show).

As always, I'm glad you have the chance to come by regularly; and I look forward to you continuing to do so throughout 2009, and to maybe even tell a few of your friends. I have some new plans for the center afoot for this year, including a fairly big one coming this Monday; I hope you'll get a chance to join in with that and all the rest of them, and to start being a more active part of the legitimate CCLaP community I'm hoping to build here more and more this year.

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