February 9, 2009

Announcing the CCLaP "Repetition Patterns" 2009 virtual book tour

Ben Tanzer: This Tour Will Change Your Life 2009

Happy happy! Joy joy! I'm very happy to announce the start of CCLaP's next new creative experiment, none other than a 12-day "virtual book tour" by local author Ben Tanzer, in support of his story cycle Repetition Patterns, originally put out by CCLaP Publishing last October and which has picked up a bit of a cult following since then. And what exactly is a virtual book tour, I hear you asking? Well, it's much like a physical book tour, actually, only instead of Ben schlepping his way from one bookstore and library and cafe to the next, he's doing so from one website to another, day after day to a series of literary publications and fellow authors. A series of different things will be happening at each of these "tour stops," then, as an enticement for all of you to become daily-visiting "virtual groupies" (or as I like to think of you, "Benheads"); some of these people will be interviewing Ben, sometimes about specific topics as well, while at other blogs Ben will be penning a brand-new original essay (again, sometimes on a variety of specific subjects), while at yet others he will be contributing brand-new MP3s of original readings and audio interviews. It's all come about through the creativity and help of all the tour's various official hosts from around the internets, and will hopefully result in a two-week event that all of us will enjoy following along with from day to day, and from website to website.

Here's the official schedule for the tour, and then below that a few more thoughts and details:

Monday, February 16th
Peter Anderson
Format: Guest essay (now online)

Tuesday, February 17th
Elizabeth Crane
Format: Interview

Wednesday, February 18th
Jason Jordan
Format: Guest essay on the inspirations behind each story

Thursday, February 19th
What To Wear During An Orange Alert
Format: "Author-to-author" interview featuring guest editor Pete Anderson

Friday, February 20th
Tim Hall
Format: Exclusive new MP3 of a story being read

Saturday, February 21st
Michael FitzGerald
Format: Interview

Sunday, February 22nd
Day off

Monday, February 23rd
Amy Güth
Format: Interview

Tuesday, February 24th
Chicago Literary Examiner
Format: Interview

Wednesday, February 25th
Jason Riley
Format: Interview regarding the craft of writing

Thursday, February 26th
Nick Ostdick
Format: Audio interview plus guest essay

Friday, February 27th
S. Craig Renfroe
Format: Guest essay on artistic self-marketing

Saturday, February 28th
J.A. Tyler
Format: Interview regarding the book's unusual publishing and pricing

Note, by the way, that a number of authors on this list will be posting their tour stop's material not at a blog at all, but rather in the "original writing" section of their GoodReads.com account. Well, all right for that! Both Ben and I, in fact, are daily users ourselves of this popular literary social network (in fact, for the last year, CCLaP's book reviews have been voted there consistently each month into the top-ten 'best' list, from among all of the service's million-plus members); it's a real pleasure to get a chance to enfold this great online destination into CCLaP's tour plans a bit, and to show that there are always all kinds of other promotional options out there for smart artists besides just a personal blog or MySpace account.

Anyway, I hope you'll get a chance to follow along; I'll be making it easy here at the CCLaP website to do so, in fact, posting a mini-entry each day during the tour itself that will point you to the next daily stop, as well as reprinting "e-postcards" I expect to receive from Ben on a regular basis while he's on this tour, traipsing his way across the information superhighway and sharing stories of virtual fleabag hotels and the like. All in all, it will be a two-week experiment both slightly serious and slightly goofy, something being done not only to raise awareness of the book but also a bunch of CCLaP's online literary friends, something I hope you'll have a lot of fun following along with each day. The fun starts a week from today, over at PeteLit.com; I hope to see you there!

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