February 24, 2009

CCLaP Podcast 33b: Author John Domini

CCLaP Podcast 33b: Author John Domini

It's Monday Tuesday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today: It's part two of my recent talk with author John Domini (see yesterday for part one, the same 45 minutes in length as today's half). John's been writing for awhile, but it's been the first two books of his recent "Naples Trilogy" that's really been causing attention: 2007's Earthquake ID was a surprise Pulitzer nominee, while 2008's A Tomb at the Periphery was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award. In this half of our 90-minute interview, we talk about Domini's other career as a professor (including former stints at Harvard and Northwestern), some of his theories and opinions about the craft of writing, and also what we can expect from part three of the trilogy, being written as we speak. Also featuring the music of Boss In Drama and The 1900s. And remember, if you download the MP4 version linked to below (or simply subscribe to the iTunes Channel), links and photos and chapters will be at your disposal too!

More about Domini, and the musicians featured in today's episode:
Personal website
Earthquake ID | CCLaP's review of Earthquake ID
A Tomb on the Periphery | CCLaP's review of Periphery
Boss In Drama
The 1900s

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Download the MP4 (20.8 megs)

Download the MP4 (20.8 megs)

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