February 26, 2009

It's another internet postcard from the virtual-touring Ben Tanzer!

Another internet postcard from the virtual book-touring Ben Tanzer

Poor Ben Tanzer! The guy's been on the information superhighway for eleven days now, part of CCLaP's newest slow torture for authors innovative new promotional project, a two-week virtual book tour to all of CCLaP's various friends and neighbors, to support the story cycle he published with the center last fall, Repetition Patterns. Just this evening, for example, I received yet another virtual postcard from him, and...well, I'll just let you read it for yourself...

"Hey there, it’s Thursday, where am I? I mean, technically I know where I am, I am on my couch, I’m pretty much always on my couch these days, but that doesn’t make things any less confusing. One moment I’m IM’ing with Michael Fitzgerald and the next I’m immersed in the minutia of that wonderful scribe Perez Hilton and trying to somehow get a clearer sense of where Lindsay Lohan is hanging out and just how much Classic Coke she is drinking these days. I’m not complaining, though for the record, the Creative Commons License I agreed to doesn’t say much, well, anything frankly, about this sort of tour. A tour I would note that is not only sans per diem, but fails to support my usual entourage in the fashion they are accustomed to, both financially and to be honest, carnally, if you know what I’m saying. I mean Jesus, Orange Alert supplied me with not just a personal assistant, but a personal chef and acupuncturist. Anyway, this is great though, truly, inspiring really, and I don’t want to complain. I guess maybe I’m kind of tired, okay very tired, and I’m out of Red Bull and Red Vines which sure isn’t helping. Otherwise, I’m good, thanks for everything. Wish you were here, you heartless bastard."

The poor guy really seems to be cracking up; he doesn't seem to remember at all, for example, that instead of a Creative Commons license he signed with CCLaP, it was actually a "Lord and Serf" one. Anyway, we're going to keep him on the intellectual road for just two more days, and then finally his brain will be returned to his grateful family, with a final wrap-up on Sunday containing links to all twelve stops he ended up making (and also the first official announcement of what CCLaP's next original book is going to be -- are you excited?). I hope all you 'Benheads' will get to stick around for the rest of it all.

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