February 26, 2009

It's day eleven of the Ben Tanzer virtual book tour

Ben Tanzer virtual book tour 2009

Mary Kate Olson! It's day eleven of CCLaP's latest artistic experiment, a two-week "virtual book tour" being conducted by Chicago author Ben Tanzer, in support of the story collection Repetition Patterns that the center put out last fall. You can click here to read more about the tour if you'd like, including the entire schedule and what exactly a "virtual book tour" is anyway.

Today Ben stops by the blog of our old friend Nick Ostdick, a fellow Chicago author and former runner of the lit-mag and reading series RAGAD. (And by the way, I've interviewed Nick in the past as well, for the CCLaP Podcast.) Here Ben ends up doing a half-hour audio interview with Nick, where they end up talking about a whole variety of subjects; and then Ben also wrote up a guest entry for Nick's blog, a facetious and comedic look at a typical Ostdick day. ("I will write in my boxers today, better to commune with the character, a man who wants to better connect with his brother, but feels his brother’s desire to wear boxers and not briefs stands between them, the boxers being a metaphor for fratricide.")

Anyway, you can click here to read and listen to the entire thing over at Nick's blog; and don't forget to stop by again tomorrow, when Ben will be visiting author S. Craig Renfroe.

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