February 16, 2009

It's day one of the Ben Tanzer virtual book tour!

Ben Tanzer virtual book tour 2009

Happy day! It's the kickoff for CCLaP's latest artistic experiment, a two-week "virtual book tour" being conducted by Chicago author Ben Tanzer, in support of the story collection Repetition Patterns that the center put out last fall. You can click here to read more about the tour if you'd like, including the entire schedule and what exactly a virtual book tour is anyway.

We here in Chicago had a final glass of wine with Ben last night, then stuck him in his beat-up virtual van so that he could make it to the first stop of the tour by this morning -- none other than the venerable PeteLit.com, run by Chicago literary advocate and CCLaP friend Pete Anderson. Ben wrote a guest essay for Pete's site today; I'll let the contents remain a surprise, other than to mention that it's pure prose gold (er, I mean "pure prose gold," that is).

You can click here for the entire essay at PeteLit.com; and don't forget that tomorrow brings the first traditional interview of the tour, over at the blog of yet another Chicago author, Elizabeth Crane. I hope you'll have a chance to become a virtual groupie yourself over the next couple of weeks.

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