February 21, 2009

It's day six of the Ben Tanzer virtual book tour

Ben Tanzer virtual book tour 2009

Well, whaddya know! We've reached day six of CCLaP's latest artistic experiment, a two-week "virtual book tour" being conducted by Chicago author Ben Tanzer, in support of the story collection Repetition Patterns that the center put out last fall. You can click here to read more about the tour if you'd like, including the entire schedule and what exactly a "virtual book tour" is anyway.

Today Ben lands over at the Goodreads account of Montana author Michael FitzGerald, whose first novel Radiant Days I ended up liking a little bit when first reviewing it a couple of years ago. Michael ended up conducting an interview with Ben that's probably the most informative so far of the entire tour, and covers a lot of topics besides just Patterns; they also discuss Ben's two novels, the difference between being a 'writer' and being an 'author,' how Ben balances nostalgia and imagination in his work, and a lot more. (Oh, and I can't pass up the chance to quote this little nugget from the interview as well: "MICHAEL: What's the most undignified thing you've done to promote your books? BEN: I think everything I do is basically undignified." Oh, don't worry, Ben; we'll find some more humiliating things for ya!)

Anyway, you can click here for the entire interview with Michael; and as I mentioned when this tour first started, I'm particularly glad that today's tour stop got a chance to take place through the literary social network GoodReads.com, in that Ben and I are both heavy daily users of the site and big fans. And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the end of week one of the Ben Tanzer "This Tour Will Change Your Life" 2009 virtual book tour; he'll be taking a much-deserved day off tomorrow, then resuming the tour again on Monday morning over at the blog of Chicago author and Pilcrow Lit Fest founder Amy Guth. I hope all of you have enjoyed the tour so far, and that you'll get a chance to stick around as well for the second half of it next week.

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