February 28, 2009

It's day thirteen of the Ben Tanzer virtual book tour

Ben Tanzer virtual book tour 2009

Well, whaddya know! It's day thirteen of CCLaP's latest artistic experiment, a two-week "virtual book tour" being conducted by Chicago author Ben Tanzer, in support of the story collection Repetition Patterns that the center put out last fall. You can click here to read more about the tour if you'd like, including the entire schedule and what exactly a "virtual book tour" is anyway.

As a matter of fact, it's sadly the very last day of the tour today; and that takes Ben over to the blog of author JA Tyler, who also doubles as the founder of lit organization mud luscious. JA has some tough but I think fair questions to ask Ben here at the end of the tour, regarding whether all these virtual little experiments have been worth it to him -- if he feels like a "real" author with the book being only electronic, for example, a question I think it important for all authors to answer for themselves before agreeing to an electronic-only publishing contract. (For what it's worth, Ben responds to these questions the same way I do as well; that he and I always saw Repetition Patterns as an experiment only, and in fact I see all of CCLaP Publishing that way, as befitting the center's semi-nonprofit mission and so to not compete directly against all the great commercial small and basement presses out there. I see these eBooks as an opportunity to try out new marketing and publishing experiments, actually test-run various theories about the 'business of the arts,' and give more commercial ventures a chance to publicly see how the experiments fare. That's why I can take bigger chances thematically and stylistically with book choices too, and why such books can have profoundly smaller revenue goals than commercial houses and still be considered successes at the end.)

Anyway, you can click here for the entire thing at JA's blog; and don't forget that tomorrow I'll be doing a wrap-up of the entire now-finished tour, including links again to each stop, detailed figures of new audience members and book purchases inspired by this tour so far, and the first official announcement of CCLaP Publishing's next book, coming out May 1st.

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