February 17, 2009

It's day two of the Ben Tanzer virtual book tour

Ben Tanzer virtual book tour 2009

Well, whaddya know; it's day two of CCLaP's latest artistic experiment, a two-week "virtual book tour" being conducted by Chicago author Ben Tanzer, in support of the story collection Repetition Patterns that the center put out last fall. You can click here to read more about the tour if you'd like, including the entire schedule and what exactly a "virtual book tour" is anyway.

The tour's finally swinging into full gear, in fact; Ben has landed today at the blog of much-admired Chicago author Elizabeth Crane. (Elizabeth is much admired here at CCLaP as well; for those who originally missed it, for example, you can click here for my interview with her that ran last year on the CCLaP Podcast.) Elizabeth and Ben had a sit-down talk for her blog concerning all manner of topics, from the motivations behind these stories to the fated love he knows he's to one day share with Diane Lane, to why everyone in America should be watching Friday Night Lights.

Anyway, you can click here for the entire interview over at Elizabeth's blog; and don't forget that tomorrow takes Ben to the site of Jason Jordan, author and editor of litmag decomP. I hope you're enjoying the tour so far, and here's hoping that Ben doesn't have any virtual-car breakdowns while out there on the information superhighway.

Check out previous tour stops: Pete Anderson

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