February 20, 2009

Virtual postcard! Ben Tanzer visits the "Land of the LOLCats"

I Can Has Book Tour?

When first sending author Ben Tanzer off last week on his virtual book tour, in support of the CCLaP original book Repetition Patterns, I asked him if he might send back a few postcards while he was on the road, letting all of us here at home know how the tour was going. And sure enough, just this morning the above virtual postcard arrived in my mailbox, along with the following note hastily scribbled on the back:

"It’s Day Four on This Book Tour Will Change Your Life and I’m good so far, really, and I’m still really glad you suggested I do this. I mean sure a per diem would have been great, maybe some kind of expense account, something, I guess. Still, it’s not bad out here. Everyone has been really hospitable and I had a killer visit to RedTube. I also got to watch that new Sopranos video, which is not bad at all. Still, no one wants to put me up, not really, I mean Elizabeth Crane said I could sleep with her dog on the kitchen floor and Pete Anderson asked me to sleep in his room with him and his wife, but it just didn’t feel right. I finally did stumble into this tourist trap called The Land of LOLCats, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but I have to be honest, I’m not laughing out loud. I’m really not laughing at all. The catnip is great. And there’s tons of milk, which is very nice, but the cats are just everywhere, they’re chewing on the Christmas ornaments, and they dominate the computer, it’s not pretty. The fact is, I have a larger mission here though, hyping the Repetition Patterns, and making you proud, and so I am committed to this tour, and I am in it, totally and seriously. I do have to say however, no per diem at all. What up?"

So anyway, it's good to hear from Ben, and I hope that all of you have so far also been enjoying this first week of the virtual tour. And don't worry about that "per diem" stuff Ben was talking about; that's a little running joke we have, where he pretends that I don't pay him and I pretend that he didn't ruin the virtues of CCLaP's last three interns. Ha ha! Ben, you old fool!

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