March 29, 2009

Metapost: {mud luscious} calls 'Repetition Patterns' a "graceful, subtle" delight

Repetition Patterns, by Ben Tanzer

Happy news came in to CCLaP headquarters this weekend; turns out that author JA Tyler, in the latest issue of his literary magazine "mud luscious," had a chance to review CCLaP's first original book, last fall's story collection Repetition Patterns by Ben Tanzer. (DISCLOSURE: Although I'm not a personal friend of JA nor have ever met him, he and CCLaP were already on a friendly standing before this review; he participated in this winter's virtual book tour by Tanzer, for example.) And I guess he enjoyed the book, too, or least based on some of the great things he had to say about it...

"The work in this collection seems a bit more graceful and subtle [than Tanzer's two previous novels], less charged with love and dialogue, not as thick with pop culture. And while I am a fan of both Lucky Man and Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine, I am a bigger fan of what Tanzer has done in Repetition Patterns..."

"...In the end, Repetition Patterns is perfect evidence of two things: CCLaP has shown readers that electronic publications of this nature can be at once user friendly, professionally produced, and aesthetically pleasing and additionally, that Ben Tanzer is developing a further depth to his writing with each work, even the revisions of previously published works. Pay attention; we are learning."

Niiiiice, JA; thanks for all the compliments. Don't forget, over 150 people now have downloaded a copy of Repetition Patterns for themselves; and some of them have actually read it too! Don't you want to be the 151st person to download a copy for yourself, then promptly stick it in some back folder called "To Deal With When I Finally Buy One Of Those Kindle Thingies?" Ben and I both appreciate whatever attention and resources you can bring towards this little literary experiment, and hope that you too get a chance to enjoy it soon.

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