May 21, 2009

Jeremy Shipp is selling his new story collection as a subscription service

Jeremy Shipp's Bizarro Bytes

I heard recently from CCLaP friend, alt-horror veteran, and two-time Stoker Award nominee (preliminary ballot) Jeremy Shipp, who regular readers will remember I'm a big fan of; I rather loved his recent Chomskyesque social satire Vacation when I first read it, for example, then loved even more his highly disturbing horror story cycle Sheep and Wolves. And now he's got a new project coming out, a twelve-part collection of tales known as Bizarro Bytes; but instead of just selling it outright as a bound book, he's made it available as a subscription service, where you pay just one dollar a month to have a new story delivered to you each month for a year, all done in electronic format through emails. And then in the best tradition of eBook pricing experiments, Shipp has also created a benefits program for those who who choose to donate more than a dollar per month, personified in this case through a series of yard-gnome levels: so that is, becoming a "chocolate-covered gnome" gets your name mentioned in a future story, while becoming a "gold-plated gnome" means that Shipp will write an entire new story in the future based off a customized title of your own devising, while achieving the "super-powered gnome" level gets you the chance to actually make a list of five specific objects, a title and your name, and having Shipp weave together a public story in the future that combines them all. Whew!

It's a great idea, a serious yet fun experiment in delivering electronic stories in an interesting way, and I wish Shipp the best of luck with it. To subscribe to the service yourself, simply stop by the main Bizarro Bytes webpage at Shipp's site.

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