September 14, 2009

It's Sally Weigel Day at the CCLaP website!

Too Young to Fall Asleep, by Sally Weigel

Hooray! It's Sally Weigel Day at the CCLaP website! And that can mean only one thing, of course -- that Sally's new novella, Too Young to Fall Asleep, is finally available to the general public, after a year and a half now of hard work on the manuscript. For those who don't know, all of CCLaP's original books are released under a "pay what you want system;" and "I want to pay nothing" of course is a perfectly fine option when it comes to such an experiment, which means that Asleep is perfectly legal to download for free if you choose to do so. I hope that it will encourage all of you to at least read the book, even if money is tight in your life these days; that after all is the main goal here at the semi-non-profit CCLaP, to simply distribute high-quality artistic work to as large an audience as possible, and not necessarily to make a big profit off of such work. Don't forget, by the way, that Asleep comes in a whopping six different formats as well, all of them simultaneously available to you at the time of purchase, to help accommodate as many different types of devices and and ways of reading as possible:

PDF for American laserprinters (8.5 by 11 inches)
PDF for European laserprinters (A4)
PDF for Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle (8 by 6 inches, or 4x3)*
PDB for Apple iPhone and PalmOS (free eReader required)*
EPUB for Apple iPhone and other mobile devices (free Stanza required)*
MOBI for Apple iPhone and other mobile devices (free Mobipocket required)*

And also don't forget, as part of promoting this novella, I'm also releasing a series of supplemental information to go along with the book, including a new essay by Ben Tanzer, CCLaP's last published author, and a lengthy interview with Sally that I conducted recently through Google Chat. (I also have my own essay regarding the book that I'm just now finishing up, and that will be published here tomorrow. [UPDATE: My essay now online.]) There's also a dedicated page just for your comments, including a link over to the book's listing at popular literary social network; and of course don't forget to stop by Sally's personal website as well, for even more by this prolific young author.

Anyway, I hope you'll get a chance this week to stop by the book's online headquarters and purchase/download a copy, and I would especially love it if you get a chance to leave your thoughts as well either here, at Goodreads, at Facebook or at your own blog; after all, word-of-mouth is the number-one way that CCLaP's books get promoted and advertised, so your small mention online can and does make a huge difference as to how many people end up getting exposed to the book altogether. I'm awfully happy with how Too Young to Fall Asleep ended up coming out, and I hope that you will be as well.

*And by the way, if any of you do end up loading the book on your iPhone, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle or other mobile device, why don't you shoot a few photos of how things look and email them to [cclapcenter at]? Both I and CCLaP's readers would love to see what these files look like when actually being read on a mobile device or e-ink reader. Thanks in advance!

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