September 21, 2009

Yowza! 180 "Asleep" downloads in its first week!

Too Young to Fall Asleep, by Sally Weigel

Well, it's been a week now since the release of CCLaP's latest original book, the youth/war novella Too Young to Fall Asleep by local author Sally Weigel, and I have unexpected and fantastic news to report -- that in just seven days, the book has now been downloaded over 180 times! Ka-blam! To put it in perspective, this is already almost twice the amount of downloads as CCLaP's previous book, Ben Tanzer's story collection Repetition Patterns, and that title has been out for an entire year now; so needless to say, to reach this number in a mere week in Asleep's case has been a real surprise and of course hugely gratifying. And even better, the percentage of downloaders who ended up voluntarily sending in payment is still holding at a steady rate as well, just under 15 percent (the same percentage as Ben's book, and for that matter right around the same percentage of downloaders who ended up paying money for Radiohead's In Rainbows experiment); and not only that, but these paying customers are sending in an average of $14.60 apiece, a great number in my opinion for what is in reality an electronic-only book.

Anyway, my sincere thanks go out to all of you for keeping interest in the book so high; and of course, I highly encourage you to keep up the chatter about Asleep over at your blogs, Facebook accounts and Twitter streams, what has easily turned out to be the number-one way that new readers have been finding out about it. And speaking of which, Ben himself put up some more thoughts about the book at his blog recently, which I thought was not only really nice of him to do but also closely mirrors what I think of the book as well:

"Too Young to Fall Asleep takes something we all think we know, high school, and intersects it with something we don't yet understand, the impact of the Iraq War. What's unique of course, is that it seeks to accomplish all this, just as movies like In the Valley of Elah, Stop Loss and now The Hurt Locker have tried to do as well, by capturing the essence of living during a time of war while the war being explored is actually happening, no time to look back, no time to reflect. It's a big and awesome task, and Sally has jumped-in feet first, planting her stake in the still shifting ground, and establishing a precedent for all of the Iraq War literature that is sure to follow."

Thanks very much, Ben! And of course if you yourself end up making a mention of the book online, do let me know [cclapcenter at] so that I can link to it here. I hope all of you 180 downloaders so far are enjoying the book; and of course if you haven't downloaded it yourself yet, I highly encourage you to do so whenever you have a chance.

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