October 7, 2009

CCLaP's FTC compliance statement

For those who don't know, the Federal Trade Commission here in the US recently updated their guidelines regarding bloggers, and now require online publications to publicly state any and all forms of compensation they may have received while in the course of reviewing products at their website. Here then is CCLaP's official compliance statement on the subject, which in the future you'll be able to access directly from the "fine print" sidebar on the left side of your screen.

--CCLaP often receives free copies of the books reviewed here, known within the industry as "advance reading copies" or ARCs, but with no expectations on the publishers' part that the center will write a positive review for doing so, and no such guarantee given. Other than this, CCLaP at no time ever receives further compensation from either publishers or authors (including either cash or gifts) in return for reviews written at this site, either positive or negative in nature.

--In addition, every time a person buys a book mentioned at CCLaP by following the center's official Amazon link, the center receives an average of four percent of that book's cover price from Amazon, for being the official "referrer" of that customer; so for example, if a $15 paperback is purchased here because of a CCLaP link, the center receives 60 cents from Amazon. Other than this, CCLaP receives no compensation for the links it provides to a book's listings at Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing or Shelfari, nor to a DVD's links to IMDB or Netflix.

For any questions regarding this policy, or to find out the ARC status of any given book, please contact Jason Pettus at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com.

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