October 6, 2009

Farewell, Uptown Writers Space

Julie Saltzman and Susan Karp of the Uptown Writers Space

Longtime visitors will of course remember Julie Saltzman and Susan Karp; they're the founders of Chicago's Uptown Writers Space, which I featured in episode 11 of the CCLaP Podcast, back in 2007 soon after they first opened. UWS was a great idea, one that's been catching on in more and more large cities across the US; converted out of an old office space, it was a comfortable and quiet destination for writers who want or need to get out of their house, kinda like the lounge area of Starbucks but without the screaming kids or cellphone-yakking yuppies. But alas, for a variety of small reasons, Saltzman and Karp ended up having to close down the space last week, which all of us subscribers to the newsletter recently found out; a shame to be sure, but certainly a noble experiment nonetheless, a project they should be proud of for even trying in the first place, when so many others simply talk about the problems writers face but don't do anything to solve them. I applaud Julie and Susan for their work, just like I applaud anyone who tries to make Chicago's literary community a better place; and I just wanted to publicly say that the Uptown Writers Space will be missed. Thanks for all your efforts over the last two years.

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