October 6, 2009

Guess who received a free copy of Bolano's "2666?"

Me and 2666

That's right, it was me! Thank you, Goodreads.com book giveaway program! And I'm all excited too; because for those who don't know, this was the very last novel by celebrated South American writer Robert Bolano before his death in the early 2000s, an author who in recent years has just started becoming a big giant literary star here in the US, because of it taking so long for English translations of his books to finally come out. And this is considered by many to be one of his best, too, if not the best novel of his career (although there's a lot of debate about that); and so as someone who's already an admitted fan (see my review, for example, of his fascinating, early-career, slim alternate-history experiment Nazi Literature in the Americas), I've been looking forward for quite awhile to tackling this behemoth late-career saga as well.

2666 at Goodreads

In fact, that's the biggest problem with 2666, is that it's 900 freaking pages long, too long for me to just stop everything and devote all my time to, not if I plan on continuing to post other book reviews here on a regular basis; so that's why I'm only going to be reading around 20 pages a day of it, during spare moments and right before bed, which means it's going to be a full two months before my finished review of the entire thing will be ready to post here. So I'm trying a little experiment of my own; for the first time, I'll be using the "track my progress" feature over at the Goodreads listing for 2666, a cool little service there specifically for such situations, for when one is reading a big book on a slow basis. A fairly new feature to that literary social network, it allows you to literally update what page you're at on a daily basis, as well as leave small remarks that are constantly updated on what you're thinking of the experience; anytime someone stops by that book's listing, then, they see a little chart showing how close to finished you are, as well as the latest thing you've had to say about it. I usually go through books too fast to take advantage of this, so thought I'd finally try it out while I had an excuse to do so. Anyway, I encourage you to check in regularly over there for the latest on how things are going; and of course don't forget to keep an eye out for my eventual review of the entire thing, coming right around the beginning of December.

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