October 26, 2009

Justify My Netflix: Hearts of Darkness

(Like many Netflix customers, I too can get quite lax with the timely watching and returning of my movies, which of course defeats the entire purpose of having a flat-rate rental plan in the first place. To combat that, I am now writing standardized mini-reviews of each and every movie I end up watching through Netflix, both instantly and on DVD. Don't forget, all previous 'Justify My Netflix' reviews can be found on CCLaP's main movie page.)

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse

Today's movie: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, 1991 (Amazon | IMDB | Netflix | Wikipedia)

Why I added it to my queue: Because it's a documentary about one of my favorite films of all time, Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam-set Apocalypse Now, using his wife's original behind-the-scenes footage from the movie's filming, as well as private conversations that Francis didn't realize she was taping, to show a decade and a half later just what a complete freaking nightmare that production was, and how close they got not only to the film not getting made, but indeed of half the cast and crew dying from one calamity or another. Ah, the '70s!

The reality: One of those situations where I simply don't have much to say -- it's a great documentary, exactly what you expect it to be, a fascinating historical document for those who are already fans of the film, and a movie that will make you immediately want to see Apocalypse Now if you haven't already. At only an hour and a half and widely available, it comes highly recommended.

Worth your time? Yes

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